The value of values

  1. NorthStar harnesses the key concerns and affinities of young adults and creates a discussion around them.
  2. The “softer side” has edge—and glue. NorthStar themes are top of mind issues to young adults:
    1. Personal/FamilyValues & Mission
    2. Family Dynamics
    3. Social Responsibility
    4. Cultural Acumen
  3. The mission of NorthStar is to provide values-based guidance, training and tools to help equip young adults from families of significant means to make meaningful choices and responsible decisions.
  4. The NorthStar program can uniquely provide
    1. A truly scalable, dynamic, interactive program for the next generation
    2. A relevant curriculum that young adults actually care about
    3. Access to world-class expertise
    4. Private label capability
    5. Added value with cost-effectiveness
    6. Interactive involvement and guidance for relationship managers and/or families, as desired
  5. The keystone of the NorthStar program is a modular webcast featuring a panel of experts and peer guests in a discussion of key themes and issues.
    1. Each module includes optional online discussion guides for relationship managers and/or families

Further information upon request

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