Transformational agendas

In an environment dominated by change, consolidation and a relentless responsibility to deliver shareholder value, organizational mandates increasingly demand transformational initiatives to position and align the overall strategic objectives of the firm.

BLACK LABEL has extensive expertise in working with C-level management in developing and executing transformational agendas that define and position the brand. This is a 360° process. Before a transformational strategy can be successfully communicated to clients and outside audiences, it must be meticulously executed and embedded via a top-down messaging system that engages with relevance at every level of the organization.

  1. Providing strategic solutions by creating, executing and measuring the products and systems that deliver on this scenario is a key skillset of BLACK LABEL.

Liz Nickles' Books: Change Management

Today’s turbulent environment presents unparalleled challenges. If you are experiencing one or more of the issues in the following list, you are in a change management scenario.  If you are experiencing 3 or more, you are probably in a change management crisis:

  1. Management change
  2. Staff re-organization
  3. Merger/acquisition
  4. Market volatility
  5. Generational dynamics
  6. Global issues
  7. Evolving clients
  8. Regulatory issues
  9. Product realignment
  10. Brand confusion

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