Your brand has 7 seconds. Now what?

Today, it can take only 7 seconds to make or break a brand. And in a marketplace where even institutional brands are increasingly impacted, if not outright driven, by social media, consumers rule—dictating which brands live or die with a click of the mouse or a flick of a finger. Today, successful brands and business strategies at every level must understand, embrace and nurture their relationship with the consumer. Notice the omission of the word “cement.” Nothing in today’s fluid brand world is permanent. The battle for consumer loyalty can never be permanently won by any brand, as technology and transparency have put brands in the spotlight of the consumer colosseum as never before.

The use of smart phones is spreading faster than any technology in human history. According to Pew Research, eighty-one percent of American adults own a smart phone, up from 35% in 2011, and 96% own a mobile device of some sort. 5.13 billion people globally own mobile devices as of 2020. This kind of fingertip/voice technology equals not just communication, but empowerment to make faster and more informed decisions. The battle for brand must be fought every second of every day across every channel. And branding has become borderless, as the consumer virtually lives in cyberspace, starting in the cradle. Seventy-nine percent of children globally own a smartphone, with ownership peaking by age 10.

With the dynamics shifting , companies must reevaluate brand strategies, as well as the kind of experience they are offering their customers. The key to future loyalty is to shift the dialog back to the basics that are always present in brand success: creativity and innovation. And in having the preparation and tools it takes for this kind of offense—and defense.

How we can help
Liz Nickles, the author of BrandStorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), is a global leader in brand strategy and innovation. Some brand impact areas that Black Label Financial Brand Development can address include:

  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Brand insight
  3. Brand positioning
  4. Brand strategy development
  5. Digital brand strategy
  6. Internal brand: alignment and empowerment
  7. Global brand development
  8. Brand partnerships
  9. Brand introductions
  10. Brand rescues
  11. Brand breakthroughs

How we work
Every assignment is customized to the needs of individual clients. Liz Nickles personally leads every initiative and creates support teams from specifically-qualified global experts, working in partnership with a client’s leadership team and internal resources. We understand and respect that client cultures are unique, regional diversity requires key consideration, and that this is a challenge environment.

From that, however, springs unparalleled opportunities. Liz Nickles has a unique record of brand breakthroughs, including numerous groundbreaking category-firsts. Let’s discuss how we can work together to uncover yours.

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