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LIZ NICKLES is a specialist in branding, trend analysis, marketing and strategic vision with deep expertise in global branding and change management in complex and highly matrixed organizations. Her background synthesizes an uncommon combination of leadership at global financial institutions, advertising agencies and market-driven brands. In addition, Ms. Nickles has been co-founder of a strategic research company that focuses on quantifying and tracking strategic trends. This unique "branding cocktail" provides a broad overview of hands-on experience in best practice scenarios that offers unique insight built on a history of proven results.

As Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at FTI Consulting, a $1.6 billion global consulting firm, she was responsible for all branding and marketing initiatives. Her experience includes C-level initiatives for U.S. Trust, J.P. Morgan, Julius Baer and Credit Suisse First Boston. Ms. Nickles has been Global Head of Branding, Marketing and Advertising at CSFB, where she initiated the breakthrough “Empowering Change” global brand campaign, and SVP of Creative Development at Mattel as well as a senior officer at three major international advertising agencies. As founder and President of Black Label Financial Brand Development, she led successful branding and integrated marketing initiatives both in the U.S. and globally for companies including U.S. Trust; Bank of America Private Wealth Management; JP Morgan Investment Bank and JPMorgan Chase corporate; Lazard; The Royal Bank of Scotland; Julius Baer Private Bank; Modern Bank; Encyclopaedia Britannica; the Red Cross; and Save the Children. Recently, she worked with the leadership team at Pefin, the world’s first AI financial advisor, to help create their award-winning launch campaign. Ms. Nickles specializes in internal as well as external communications and focuses on integrated initiatives with quantitatively-measured success.

Ms. Nickles has been awarded top marketing industry honors, including the EFFIE, ADDY, CLIO and Advertising Woman of the Year. She is the author of 22 books, including BRANDSTORM (Palgrave Macmillan), about branding in the digital age, named one of the top 20 new marketing books in the world in 2012 by Expert Marketer Magazine, and THE CHANGE AGENTS (St. Martin’s Press), which focuses on Generation Y and change management. She is on the Board of Directors of Green Team, the first and leading “green” communications agency in the U.S. She has a deep interest in financial literacy and created and developed the Bank of America/U.S. Trust Financial Empowerment Program. An acclaimed trend analyst, Ms. Nickles was one of the few experts to predict, in print, the election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2017.

"Liz Nickles is one of the few people in the investment banking industry to really understand branding and marketing our services to corporate and institutional clients."
Charles Ward, former President, Lazard LTD and Global Head,
Investment Banking, Credit Suisse First Boston

"As co-chairman of the advertising agency Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners for the last sixteen years, I have had the opportunity to work with many clients and innovative marketers. Liz Nickles ranks as one of the best people I have ever encountered in the area of global financial marketing. Her keen insights, shrewd judgments and vast experience put her at a level that is hard to match in the industry."
Richard Kirshenbaum, Founder, SWAT Equity;
Advertising Hall of Fame

"Liz Nickles is to marketing and brand-building what Frank Lloyd Wright was to organic architecture—a creative genius driven to develop concepts that will endure the test of time. As SVP of Creative Development at Mattel, she brought innovation and intellect to all our brand development and advertising efforts. As a consultant to other companies I have worked with, she has stimulated concise, clear thinking within my marketing teams and improved the quality of their work. She is unrivaled in the ability to translate brand attributes into defensible brand positioning. In my more than 30 years in business, I have not met an individual with such an amazing capability of consistently delivering volumes of high quality results."
Jim DeRose, former President, Mattel, Inc

"Liz provided targeted and strategic marketing that differentiated our businesses offering and brought a high degree of visibility to our tech startup—Pefin, the world's first Artificial Intelligence financial advisor. With Liz's contribution, we successfully won the coveted "People's Choice Award" at SXSW 2018. (South by Southwest tech festival)—besting 65 finalists, including Google Earth VR, Toyota AI, and Coca Cola."
Catherine Flax, former CEO, Pefin

"Financial branding has become a complex undertaking in an extremely challenging and competitive environment. Liz Nickles is one of the few brand strategists who can apply the critical elements of branding to the special needs of the financial services industry. She handles the complexities of both globally-driven mergers and multiple culture integration platforms with uncommon skill, creativity and insight."
Gail DeNicola, Division Vice President,
American Red Cross

"Branding is more critical and complex than ever, and Liz Nickles knows how to give a brand the competitive advantage that will not only distinguish it, but resonate internally and enhance the value proposition. In the financial sector, her capability is world class—as are the results for her clients."
Donny Deutsch, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Deutsch Inc.

"As Chief Marketing Officer of FTI Consulting, Liz Nickles was a trusted advisor on the corporate management team. Her work in global branding, thought leadership initiatives, and sponsorships and events was world class and results-driven."
Dennis Shaughnessy,
Chairman of the Board, FTI Consulting


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