ACCESS:NEXT GEN is a unique, custom-designed legacy education program for the financial empowerment of the next generation of high net worth wealth (including late teens to early thirties).

  1. This Program will be of interest to current HNW clients
    1. Although a growing number of HNW clients are involving their heirs in the wealth management process, 45% of financial relationship managers of clients of $10million+ say these clients are ill-prepared to pass on their wealth to their heirs.
  2. Our exclusive research shows that the younger the HNW individual, the more likely they are to place importance on a relationship with a financial advisor
  3. ACCESS:NEXT GEN is the first initiative custom-designed from a GEN Y perspective to meet the attitudes of the next generation. It is based on a VIRTUAL CAMPUS and financial education/generational dynamics curriculum that is paperless and downloadable, allowing total scalability of the program.
  4. ACCESS:NEXT GEN offers a customized and comprehensive curriculum, including:
    1. Fundamentals of Finance
    2. World Financial Centers
    3. Advisory Relationships
    4. Social Responsibility
    5. Art Investment Advisory
    6. Peer Networking Sessions
  5. Black Label creates customized financial literacy programs that include: needs assessment audit, mission and values workshop, multigenerational jam session, core financial educational content creation and delivery systems, webcasts, partnerships, advisor training, scalability, sustainability—and accountability

Detailed information on the ACCESS:NEXT GEN Program is available upon request.

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