Liz Nickles and Laurie Ashcraft are co-founders of UPDATE:WOMEN™, an acclaimed multi-decade trend-tracking study of American and global women’s culture, including attitudes, motivations, behaviors. Our information is based on our exclusive qualitative and quantitative research studies, which now include global comparisons with women in UK and Asia, as well as partnerships with women in Islamic communities. This study is available for customized client opportunities.

A critical emerging trend is YOUNGER WOMEN AND ENTREPRENEURIALISM. Whether or not she is an entrepreneur, NextGen women, empowered by digital culture and technology, are embracing an entrepreneurial platform, which includes social as well as business implications. This shift looms to flip the traditional “mentoring” platform that has driven much of the external and internal business culture for women for the past decades.  Propelled by #METOO, younger women are no longer content to merely “listen and learn.” Organizations must be prepared to audit their own capabilities and approaches and formally compare them to the drivers of change.

Understanding this shift is critical to how your organization deals with women employees and clients today.

For in-depth information on the UPDATE:WOMEN™2000 Project, please see our website

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