Branding and change management
Organizations often confuse brand and logo. Logos are graphic expression of brand. But brand is much more—especially in today's environment of change dynamics. BLACK LABEL works with your leadership team to link and unify your firm’s mission, strategy, and communications into a consistent, integrated, brand platform. This is the key to cultivating a differentiated marketplace position and to cementing a leadership role in an evolving competitive framework.

Defining and measuring what your brand means

  1. How does your brand impact shareholder value?
  2. Following a merger or management change, how do you align the brand, mission and message?
  3. How is the brand platform linked to and integrated with the business platform?
  4. How does it resonate with the client baseā€”or a variety of client constituencies?
  5. How can you strategically build brand awareness and loyalty?
  6. How do you measure and quantify results?
  7. Can branding deliver a return on investment?

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