In order for marketing to be effective, strategy and execution must have their feet held to the fire of accountability. This is the core theme of Black Label Direct Relationship Marketing. How do you pierce through today’s complex, cluttered, multi-channel client experience? We help your team close that gap through innovative, targeted programs and content, opening up more meaningful opportunities than ever before to forge a relationship between the client and your brand.

Elite Execution
Delivering outstanding execution and tonality that resonates personally and consistently with elite audiences is notoriously difficult, especially on the web. Black Label specializes in this. Liz Nickles is one of the foremost creative talents in the financial services arena and is the creative linchpin of every assignment, bringing skills honed as an award-winning creative director and author of 11 books. The Black Label platform includes unique access to a bespoke network of global talent that is strategically tailored to each mission and handpicked for world-class capability and unsurpassed execution.

Digital Partner: Tynicka Battle
Tynicka Battle, founder of Tynicka Battle Digital, is a leading and breakthrough strategist in digital media. Her landmark campaigns for clients such as Lady Gaga set the bar for industry success. Tynicka's expertise ranges from cutting-edge startups to Fortune 500 names in music, film, consumer products, government and telecommunications industries for renowned brands including Pepsi, Sears/Kmart, Codeblack Films, Lionsgate, Universal Music Enterprises, and the US Census Bureau.

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